Les Entreprises Bourget
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Les Entreprises Bourget

The name of Bourget has been chosen by Mr. Joseph Delangis, company founder, who, because he believed in the importance of education wanted to honor Mgr Ignace Bourget, born in 1799 and deceased in 1885, and who played an important role in founding Joliette College.

Since the beginning of his activities, this Quebec enterprise, actual propriety of Mr. Luc Delangis has adopted high quality standards for all his fields of activities and by the same way getting means to control good performance. That's the reason Les Entreprises Bourget has been ISO certified since 2008.

Acknowledged as a market leader, Les Entreprises Bourget have a good reputation which relies on an excellent customer service having a very precise vision of the future :

  • Service and product of quality;
  • Well trained and qualified employees;
  • Innovation, research and development;
  • Customer service department’s integrity and value;
  • Activity’s management which put emphasis on quality by minimising; the administration’s cost to offer highly competitive prices.